Agency Overview

University of Idaho Cooperative Extension System

As Idaho's land-grant institution, The University of Idaho has statewide responsibility for education, research, and public service in range and pasture management. Extension Educators in the Cooperative Extension Service can provide technical expertise and on-the-ground assistance to landowners in developing farm and ranch plans. Faculty in the College of Natural Resources Department of Rangeland Ecology can provide technical information and recommendations on range and pasture management.

BLM Rangeland Grazing

The Bureau of Land Management administers 261 million acres of America's public lands, located primarily in 12 western states. Among the BLM's many responsibilities is managing public rangeland. This includes preserving and enhancing rangeland grazing capabilities and productivity through the prevention of overgrazing and soil deterioration. The BLM is also concerned with the stabilization of the livestock industry dependent on the public range, while providing for the inventory and categorization of public rangelands on the basis of range conditions and trends.

Idaho's office of the BLM maintains a presence on the web, with an information page on livestock grazing.

USDA Agricultural Research Service

The US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service maintains a US Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, ID, as well as other Grazinglands Research Units nationwide, and the Rangeland, Pasture and Forages program.