Is there a way to get all administrative agencies to work with me for the good of my operation?

Yes, there are several approaches to getting all agencies to work with you in developing a coordinated plan. The most commonly used approach is the coordinated resource management plan. Other approaches available are the Idaho Round Table, Holistic Resource Management (HRM), and the Western Integrated Ranch Education (WIRE) program. Contact your local Cooperative Extension agent or Natural Resources Conservation Service office for additional information.

How long can I graze in a particular land area?

How long you can graze a particular piece of land depends on the carrying capacity and stocking rate, and on lease or rental agreements if other ownership is involved.

What can I do about a wildlife depredation problem?

The State of Idaho has a Wildlife Depredation Program, administered through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. If you feel you have a depredation problem, contact your local F&G office for additional information. Basically, you must first work with the local F&G office to try to alleviate the problem through fencing, sound devices, etc. If that fails, you can then file a depredation claim with the F&G office for a monetary payment of damages.