The Idaho OnePlan Nutrient Management Planner is the only officially recognized planning tool for creating certified nutrient management plans in Idaho. The State of Idaho and the USDA offer the software and training for individuals to become Certified Nutrient Management Planners in Idaho.

A list of registered Technical Service Providers (TSPs) is available from the USDA.

Individuals wishing to register as TSPs and become certified to use the NMP must:

  1. Enroll in and take the NEDC Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning course.
  2. Enroll in and take the NMP software training. Contact [(208) 736-3049, fax 736-4780], State Nutrient Management Coordinator, at the Idaho State Department of Agriculture in Boise.
  3. Sign up to be a TSP at the NRCS Tech Regulation Site.
  4. Complete two trial nutrient management plans using the OnePlan NMP.

Upon successful completion, the applicant will become a Certified Nutrient Management Planner in the state of Idaho.

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