HDPE recycling symbol, #2 plastic The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has a Container Recycling Operation (CROP) for clean, used HDPE (#2) plastic containers. In some cases, containers must be cut down in size to accommodate the opening of the chipper.

Unneeded pesticides in containers may be disposed of through the ISDA's Pesticide Disposal Program.

Containers must be empty, clean, inspected, uncapped, and dry.

There is no need to remove labels from cleaned containers. The recycler can process containers with labels attached. Containers that originally held products known to stain plastic (e.g. Treflan, Sonalan, etc.) are acceptable for recycling if the plastic is stained but otherwise clean (containers cannot have formulation residues or any liquid in them).

See the ISDA website CROP pages for more information, and collection locations and schedules.

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable containers

Container with clean spout Container with residue on spout Container with unacceptable stains
Thread and lip are clean. Dried formulation on spout. Stained.