The First Step

in the OnePlan process is the Conservation Planner. This free web application will help you quickly create the outline of a conservation plan and learn how to benefit from financial assistance programs, agency professionals and the experience of other producers. The current version applies statewide to Idaho operations.

Improving Resource Management

The OnePlan process puts you in the driver's seat. For the first time you will be able to create your own conservation plan. Your OnePlan will incorporate your goals and your objectives, and when approved, will qualify for financial assistance and meet agency requirements.

What is a Conservation Plan?

It is a comprehensive plan for your entire farming or ranching operation that will identify resource problems and conservation solutions to address these problems. Many good solutions to common resource problems have been developed over the years and are incorporated in Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Why Should I Develop a Conservation Plan?

An organized conservation plan will provide a roadmap of resource development opportunities over the next five to ten year period. This will reduce the probability of making short-term decisions that may conflict with your long-term goal.

Is a Conservation Plan Required?

No! The choice to develop a farm plan is yours -- it is voluntary. Developing one has advantages, however: certain agency assistance programs, such as the USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Idaho Agricultural Water Quality Cost Share Program, require an approved farm plan. It will also help you to meet the demands for sustainable agriculture. The OnePlan Nutrient Management Planner is already assisting Idaho dairy farmers to meet the rigorous demands of Idaho's new dairy regulations. Soon operators of AFOs and CAFOs will also get assistance meeting the new EPA rules from the OnePlan Nutrient Management Planner.

How Can OnePlan Help?

This unique approach to conservation planning enables land users to identify and address multiple agency requirements simultaneously, while facilitating a viable and sustainable operation.

OnePlan Tools available now and under development can help you assess your resource problems and prompt you to select appropriate conservation practices (Best Management Plans, or BMPs) that satisfy regulatory requirements for all agencies.